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The GEN Corporation English-language website is off-line while undergoing an update and redesign. Please see below for important information.

Regrettably, GEN Corporation does not sell individual kits or units: GEN Corporation is a Research and Development company and does not have the means to mass produce the GEN H-4. Under these conditions, the sample, or unit, price of a GEN H-4 prototype today is JPY 7,500,000 (seven and a half million Japanese Yen), and commercially viable production may only start with batches of ten units. The price in other currencies is subject to the relevant international exchange rate, which may be consulted at or on other similar websites.
The GEN H-4 also does not presently have an FAA or EASA Type Certification.

The GEN H-4 is a barebones platform that can be customized for a number of different applications using mission-specific add-ons. Ongoing R&D programs include increased power and fuel efficiency, expansion of the flight envelope, advancing FCS components and development of various safety systems, among others.

If you are interested in finding out more about the GEN H-4's development, or if you are a company interested in exploring possibilities of a partnership, feel free to send us an email to the address shown below.

Our Information Pack 2012 is available for purchase, for a price of JPY 2,500.00 (two thousand, five hundred Japanese Yen), shipping included. Purchase is arranged via email and payment is made by credit card. If you wish to receive our Info Pack 2012, please contact us at the following address:

For videos of the GEN H-4, H-4R (remote-control) and H-4E (full-electric), please head over to GEN Corporation's Youtube channel at

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